WorldTradeLayer.jpgWell ...we normally don't travel by Elephant or Dogsled but.. We will if necessary to find the finest quality most reliable sources for your component needs. What ever your custom component needs are, let us know and we may be able to help.

Since the inception of our company in 1987 Maval has tirelessly developed a unique matrix of world-class suppliers for both its own needs and those of its customers.

Our supply chain extends around the world bringing you competitive costs, impeccable quality and on-time logistics. Over the years we have imported millions of custom parts each creating unique value for our customers extending their reach into some of the world's most dynamic markets. At Maval our team scours the world for those companies whose characteristics match our own philosophy of total value, quality and delivery. Each partner supplier of Maval is chosen with care, audited and regularly visited to insure the highest conformance with accepted World Quality Standards.

Let Maval extend your reach by contacting us with your component needs!

  • Partner Suppliers from South America, Europe, and Asia
  • US based warehousing and logistical systems
  • Container Consolidation Partners Worldwide
  • Unique Solutions for Customer Applications with minimal tooling costs
  • Small lot and short run projects are welcome

Contact us with your project and see if we can help!